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Refund policy

Refund Policy

a) The refund request must be notified within thirty (30) days following receipt of the product. To request a return, the customer must contact the customer service line, mobile number 3102807615 landline 3001627, or by email . b) The products must be sent, unused and keeping the original labels and packaging with which they were delivered. c) The customer must return the product by the same means and in the same conditions in which he received it. Transportation costs and others involved in returning the good will be covered by the customer. In the event of a valid return in accordance with these return policies, and therefore, the right of withdrawal is used, the refund of the purchase price to the customer is made within ten days of receipt of the product or cancellation. of the contract. However, the process of refunding the value paid may take up to 30 calendar days from the moment in which the client exercised the right of withdrawal, since, in the case of payment by credit card, the financial institution (Redeban or Credibanco ) may take longer to apply the refund to your account. d) The product in promotion or acquired through the offers section is not subject to return, said product can only be returned in case of quality nonconformities, the return of the promotional product for pleasure does not apply.
Cancellation / return / change policy

You can make the product change on the customer service line at the cell phone number +57 3102807615 fixed 601 3001627, or by email in less than thirty days (30 days) presenting the purchase invoice. To make changes you must take into account:

-The products in promotion or purchased in the offers section can be changed only for quality reasons.

-The changes will be made for the commercial value at which they were acquired.

-The possibility of exchange is subject to inventory availability.

-The speakers must be returned in good condition and in the original packaging.

-Only one exchange per purchase is authorized.

- Damaged or defective products:

In case of receiving a damaged or defective product, the houd quality control department must review it to identify the reason for the return and the damage caused to the product, finding that if this is a consequence of a defect in manufacturing, the total amount paid by the customer will be refunded; but, if it is found that the product damage is a consequence of the returned products; If the damage is a consequence of the lack of care and misuse of the product or due to an act of God or force majeure, Houd will refrain from reimbursing what was initially paid for the product, and will return the purchased item in the same conditions as that received it to be reviewed in terms of quality. Houd refrains from refunding the money paid for the products purchased in the following events:

(A.) If the products have been acquired through any distribution and/or commercialization channel other than our commercial ally I Buy Ours

(B.) If the products show damage caused by misuse or negligence (exposure to chemical products, caustic substances, open flame source, high heat, sharp objects, etc.)

(C.) If the products show damage caused by improper use.


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